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The Big Ripoff, Was inspired  by  two bottles of water purchased from a  Council approved catering waggon at a major public event, in the South of England

Two 500ml bottles of water with a normal retail value of  £0.19p, (Lidl) being sold for £2.50 each, for cash to the captive audience within the park. This shameful profiteering was being largely unregulated by the organisers.  A five-day event with deliveries being made twice daily to this retailer. During those five days not once did I see any transactions recorded, or a receipt offered. A highly lucrative cash business, ripping off the Great British Public.

The Big Ripoff was born, creating a voice for the British public to air their displeasure to the widest possible audience at having hard earned wages ripped off.

On  The Big Ripoff,  you can now voice your feelings about how you the consumer, is fed up of being treated like a herd of cash cows and giving you the Gre3at British Consumer and opportunity to point a finger directly at the unscrupulous traders, con men, scam artists and thieves, that plague our day to day lives.

The Big Rip Off website is divided into Nine, easy to navigate sections.

  1. Click here for the Ripoff’s at Festivals, fairs, and events

  2. Click here for the Ripoffs By Computer scammers.

  3. Click here for the Ripoffs by Miscellaneous opportunists.

  4. Click here for the Ripoffs by Online retailers.

  5. Click here for the Ripoffs by Professional services.

  6. Click here for the Ripoffs by Tradesmen, and women.

  7. Click here for the Ripoffs with Travel and entertainment.

  8. Click here for Ripoffs with Energy and communication.

  9. Click here for the Ripoffs with Cars and parking


#thebigripoff        With Your help, it stops here.

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